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View traffic logs, connected devices, and customize your preferences.

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Updated May 20, 2024

Similar to viewing browser history, use the Traffic Logs page to see DNS logs for devices connected to Cloudflare.

Viewing Browsing History

To view you logs go to the Activity section in your dashboard.

If you’ve set logging as enable on your account, your logs will be displayed here.

By default, you are only shown logs from the past hour. However, you can also choose to view logs from the last 24 hours, or from a custom range.

You can also choose whether these logs are viewing allowed, blocked, SafeSearch, Unknown, or All requests.

Browsing History Logging Preferences

You can disable logging on your account by going to Settings > Traffic Logs. Switch off Log Web Traffic to disable logging.

Exclude personal information from logs

If you want to collect logs, but don’t want to include information about which Member the activity is associated with, go to Settings > Traffic Logs > Exclude Member Information from Web Traffic Logs. Set this to disabled.

You won’t be able to see information about which Member logged activity is associated with. Logs are still collected when Exclude Member Information from Web Traffic Logs is enabled.

Connected Devices

You can view information about devices that are connected to your account. These devices have the Cloudflare One or Cloudflare WARP app installed and have logged-in using one of the authorized users on your account.

To view currently connected Devices, go to Activity > Devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see pages visited on a website?

Traffic Logs will only provide a domain, like, and not a specific page, like All DNS services have the same limitation and can't view specific pages visited, only the primary domain.

What Kind of Activity is Collected?

Activity is only able to collect the following information from your devices:

Activity does not collect the following information:

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