Ban Porn from Your Technology

Block unwanted content on all devices

Not Another Blocker App...

Tools and resources that help you implement a better system for blocking unwanted content and preventing compulsive circumvention.

  • Internet Filtering

    Precise Content Filtering focused on blocking Adult and addictive content.

  • Step-by-step Guides

    Go further with your blocking system with our recommended device configurations.

Internet Filtering

Get powerful content filtering designed for the modern user.

Sensible Self-control Features

Update filter settings without worrying about creating loopholes in your blocking setup.

Add a second email to your account to lock settings. Unlock by retrieving a random pin sent to your second email

Adding to the allowlist, removing from the blocklist, or de-selecting blocked categories is restricted while settings are locked

Make your filter settings more restrictive even when settings are locked.

Improve your Blocking System with Premium Guides

Step-by-step guides help you go further with your blocking system.

    • Guided Filtering Setup

      Interactive tutorials help you set up Tech Lockdown filtering on your router and devices.

    • Configure multiple blocking layers

      Supplement our Content Filter with additional protective layers using our recommended techniques.

    • Prevent Circumvention

      Protect against techniques used to get around filtering.

    • Better blocking for smartphones

      Configure smartphones to restrict settings and prevent disabling filtering apps.

    • Safely use mixed-content websites

      Block content within a website so you can use websites like Reddit or Twitter.

Start Banning Porn from your Technology Life.

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