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Updated May 22, 2024

One of our missions at Tech Lockdown is to empower people to prevent compulsive bypass of Content Blocking.

One of the ways we do this is by allowing you to lock your own Tech Lockdown profile.


In most cases, people don't want to unblock Security Threats.

However, when scheduling Social Media usage or blocking Adult Content, some people might be tempted to login to their Tech Lockdown account and adjust their DNS Content Policy .

Locking your profile allows you to add some friction or additional accountability to making filter settings less restrictive.

Restrictions when a Profile is Locked

One of the most common bypass methods for Content Blocking is that the person simply logs into the filter account and changes a content blocking rule.

In order to deal with this, some people will try to prevent themselves from accessing their own account.

Restricting access to your content filtering account is risky:

  1. What happens if you find more content that you want to block?
  2. What if you need to adjust rule scheduling to optimize a healthy habit you are developing?
  3. What if you need to troubleshoot your connection by viewing your DNS logs?
Preventing yourself from logging into the account that controls your Content Filtering settings is risky and we don't recommend it. We solve for this with Profile Locking.

That's why we designed our Profile Locking with the following in mind:

  1. Allow people to easily add to their restrictions
  2. Prevent people from making their account less restrictive (unless they unlock their profile)


When a profile is locked, the following will be prevented:

  • Creating new Allow rules  
  • Adding to existing Allow rules
  • Deleting existing Block, SafeSearch, or YtRestricted rules
  • Disabling existing block rules
  • Re-ordering rules
  • Inviting new members to share the account
  • Changing Cloudflare preferences


When a profile is locked, the following will still be allowed:

  • Creating new Block, SafeSearch, and YtRestricted rules
  • Adding to existing Block rules
  • Disabling Allow rules
  • Removing from existing Allow rules
  • Deleting Allow rules

Unlock Preferences

Select what information needs to be provided when unlocking your profile.

You can select from any of the locking methods that we provide to enable a profile lock. You can pick one method or combine them depending on how restrictive you want to be.

Password / Pin

Specify a password or pin that must be entered to unlock the profile.

Similar to Apple Screen Time, you can ask another person to set a pin for you or use a password that you can't remember and store it with another method (like putting it in a safe).

Random Text

Require entering randomly generated text in order to unlock.

Random text doesn't rely on you remembering a password. Instead, it makes it harder to unlock your profile by requiring you to spend time and effort manually typing. This can be enabled in addition to a password.

Unlocking your Profile

In order to unlock your profile, you'll need to satisfy the requirements for each locking method that you originally specified.

If you combined multiple methods, unlocking your profile will require multiple steps.

Profile Locking and Account Sharing

It's important to note that profile locking is personal to your own login to your Tech Lockdown account. If you've shared your account with another admin, that person won't be constrained by your profile restrictions.

This means that you could set up limitations for yourself without impacting other admin, who may have different requirements (or might not want any restrictions at all).

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