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Get advanced control over what online content is blocked, who the content is blocked for, and when it is blocked.

  • Actions
    Create rules that Allow, Block, or enforce SafeSearch / YouTube Restricted mode.
  • Audience
    Assign rules to specific devices or make them apply to everyone.
  • Content
    Pick Categories, Apps, or Domains to apply an action.
  • Schedule
    Set a rule to be active based on a schedule.
  • Traffic Logs
    View websites visited for devices connected to your Content Policy.
  • Change History
    Monitor changes across your account, like changes to Content Policy rules.
  • Account Sharing
    Invite people to join your account to share your Content Policy, manage settings, and view activity.
  • Profile Locking
    Prevent yourself from making certain changes, like making settings less restrictive.
  • Supervised Mode (iOS)
    Configure a supervised iPhone/iPad so that you can add extra restrictions.
  • Manage Mode (Android)
    Configure an Android device to allow for more control over content filtering and bypass prevention.
  • Managed Mode (Mac)
    Enforce MacOS system settings, browser settings, and gain more control over enforcing content filtering.
  • Managed Mode (iOS)
    Gain the most control possible over an iOS device and enforce restrictions remotely.


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