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Tech Lockdown Team
Updated April 4, 2024

Welcome to Tech Lockdown!

We provide tools and information to help people regain control of their internet usage through content blocking and device management. 

Here are some of the most common reasons people choose Tech Lockdown:

  • You need more advanced control over what online content is blocked, who the content is blocked for, and when it is blocked.
  • You want to ensure that content blocking isn’t intentionally or unintentionally bypassed.

Profile Locking

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Lock your Tech Lockdown Profile

Prevent easy access to making settings less restrictive.

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Sharing an Account

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Share your Tech Lockdown Account

Invite other members to aid in accountability or utilize your content policy.

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DNS Content Filtering


Get Started with the Cloudflare Integration

Connect Cloudflare with Tech Lockdown to unlock powerful filtering and device management capabilities.

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Premium Guides

Premium Guides

Tech Lockdown Premium Guides Overview

We offer guides that walk you through adding additional blocking and bypass prevention layers to your devices.

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This information only applies to the Tech Lockdown Alpha Release and not the current platform. The Alpha version has not been released yet.