New Alpha Released A new version of Tech Lockdown has entered early access.


Share your Tech Lockdown Account

Invite other members to aid in accountability or utilize your content policy.

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Tech Lockdown Team
Updated April 4, 2024

Linking multiple accounts to the same filter enables to configure Rules for multiple people, all from one dashboard. Some of the things you can do include:

  • Enforce rules according to different Members.
  • Allow accountability partners to see and share Traffic Logs.
  • Enable each member to see rule history on your Account.

Invite Members

Members will need to be invited to your account in order for you to share access to your Content Policy. To invite a member, navigate to the Settings tab and open "Members".

From here, you can see who is currently associated with your account, as well send an invite.

Both you and other Members will need to have their own Tech Lockdown account. When you send an invite, you will the email address of the joining member.

The joining member will receive an invite via email. Once they accept, they will now be a member on your account.

Viewing a Rule's History

Members who've joined your account will be able to see the change history for rules on your account. This will include who changed it, what action was taken, and when.

You can view a rule's history by scrolling down to the bottom of the edit screen.

Leaving an Account

If you join another account, you may choose to leave. If you want to leave, you will have to go to your Profile page. Next to the account you want to leave, and select "Leave Account"

This information only applies to the Tech Lockdown Alpha Release and not the current platform. The Alpha version has not been released yet.