How to Block Explicit Content on Twitter (aka X)

by Tech Lockdown Team
Updated August 10, 2023

Twitter (recently known as X) is one of the largest social media sites in the world. Some people use it share opinions, while most people just want to see what others have to say. Unfortunately, not all of the content shared on the platform is beneficial. 

Twitter, while very useful, can also be used to circumvent a porn-blocking system. Because of the sensitive content available on the platform, it is a good idea to implement some blocking strategies to add more protection for your devices.

One option is to block all of Twitter. While this is a very comprehensive option, some people may still want to use Twitter, and want to add extra protections while using the social media app.

This guide will go over some of the blocking techniques that can be used to limit the type of content you see on Twitter.

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How to Block Images and Videos on Twitter

One solution to increase protection is to block all video and image content on Twitter. Since Twitter itself doesn't have a way for you to disable images and videos, you will have to use a different method.

There are two main methods that can work to block content on Twitter: editing the hosts file and using a DNS filtering service. Both of these techniques rely on the fact that Twitter's images and videos are stored on separate servers from the main website. When Twitter needs to display an image, it talks to the image and video servers to display the content requested. By interfering with Twitter's ability to talk to the content servers, you can stop Twitter from displaying any content.

How to Block Images and Videos on Twitter with the Hosts File

By using the Hosts File (click to learn more) , you can prevent a device from displaying image and video content on Twitter. Add these entries to you Hosts file:

# Twitter Images

# Twitter Videos

How to Block Images and Videos on Twitter using a DNS filtering service

The simplest way to block content on Twitter is to use a DNS Filtering service. For example, Tech Lockdown  allows you to block content across an entire network. All you have to do is add the following URLs to your Blocklist:

# Twitter Images

# Twitter Videos

Now all devices set up with the filter will block content from Twitter.

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How to Block Twitter Completely

If you want to disable Twitter completely, you can block it at the network level. By doing this, the app and website will no longer function.

How to Disable Twitter using the Hosts File

Add the following entries to your hosts file:

# Twitter Images

# Twitter Videos

# Twitter Proper

How to Disable Twitter using a DNS Filter

If you are using a DNS filtering service, then you can add the following domains to your blocklist:

Now, all devices set up with the filter will not let Twitter work, whether it's the App or the website.