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Block Access to Task Manager

How to restrict access to Task Manager on Windows to prevent common content filtering bypass techniques.

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Updated May 29, 2024

One of the most common questions we get at Tech Lockdown is "how do I prevent myself from stopping a content filtering app on my Windows PC?" We refer to this as bypass prevention and there are a few effective methods on PC, such as blocking access to Task Manager.

We advocate for a multi-layered approach to blocking on Windows so that multiple layers have to be disabled to completely get around a blocking system.

Here are the blocking layers on Windows we recommend that work well together (and don't conflict):

  1. DNS Content Policy : Effectively filter the internet connection of a Windows PC with network-level blocking.
  2. Block websites with the hosts file : Utilize the built-in hosts file to block hundreds of websites. 
  3. Website blocking browser extensions: Block content in a browser using blocker plugins within a web browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Brave Browser.
  4. Freedom Blocker

If you connect your Windows PC to your Tech Lockdown Content Policy, you might choose to download the app that keeps your computer connected with content filtering enabled.

In this case, a good strategy you can utilize is to limit access to Windows Task Manager. You might not want to disable it completely, but at least add some additional friction. 

Freedom Blocker

One effective and simple way to restrict access to task manager is to use Freedom Blocker . This program can be used t

After you download and run the Freedom program for windows, follow these steps to restrict access to task manager:

Now, if you open Task Manager during a Freedom session, you should get a message that task manager was blocked and it should quickly close.

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