How to Block Instagram

Learn how to Block Instagram on Smartphones and Computers

by Tech Lockdown Team
Updated September 5, 2023

In an online world, social media is a double-edged sword. It can provide a way to be connected to our friends and family, but it can also become a distraction or a source of unwanted content online. Whether you're looking to boost productivity, protect young eyes from explicit content, or simply regain control of your digital life, learning how to block Instagram on different devices is a skill worth mastering.

Block Instagram using a DNS Filter

The best option for blocking Instagram is to use a DNS Filter. A DNS Filter can be used on either a device (like a computer or smartphone) or on across a network (like a home Wi-Fi). For example, Tech Lockdown's DNS Filter can be set up on a home network and allows much more customization options.

You can block the Instagram's domains by adding it to its Blocklist:

There are also several Content Categories that can be used to block all kinds of websites and apps, including Social Media:

Blocking Instagram on a Computer

Both Windows and Mac machines share very similar methods for blocking Instagram. The two main methods are to use the Host File or a Blocking Application.

Block Instagram on a Computer using the Hosts file

One method is to use the Hosts File . The Host File is a file on a computer that can be used to change how the computer interacts online. 

Using the Host File method, add these entries:

The entry blocks the main site, and the entry prevents video and image content from working.

Block Instagram on a Computer using a Blocking Application

Using a Blocking application is an effective approach, and are usually more user friendly. However, the instructions might change depending on the application being used. The examples below use Cold Turkey . There is a paid version of Cold Turkey, but the free version can block websites. Blocking Applications are useful, but it is important to note that they do not provide a full blocking solution.*

Better Blocking for Mac & PC

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Block Instagram on a Smartphone

Instagram has much stronger of presence on Smartphones than computers. Since mobile devices allow us to stay online at all times, it makes sense that Smartphones are the most common platform for Instagram to be on.

Block Instagram on an iPhone

iPhone provides a few built-in options to limit what kinds of apps and websites can be visited and does this through the Screen Time option in Settings. To change Screen Time settings for Instagram:


It is strongly recommended that you configure a Screen Time pin. Some people may also choose to create a secondary Apple ID, in order to make it more difficult to reset the pin. If you are configuring these settings for your child, then going this process with a separate Apple ID for you and your child is strongly recommended.
  • Limit Adult Websites, and under Never Allow, add
  • Allowed Websites Only, and make sure that is not added to the Allowed Only These Websites list.

Screen Time offers a decent amount of control over moderating what kind of content an iPhone can access, however, there are more advanced approaches. One of the best options is to create a  "Healthy" or "Dumb iPhone  . This allows a device to be very highly controlled, and as a result, become a lot safer.

Block Instagram on an Android

Android offers a few built-in  parental control options   for restricting their devices. Limiting an App is possible without any extra setup; however, the more advanced option is to use Family Link. Family Link allows you to limit what websites can be accessed, whether new apps can installed, and more.

To set up App Timers, find the setting for Digital Wellbeing and parental controls. 

Here, you are able to add an App limit for Instagram and set it to the lowest possible value. 

In order to do more advanced things, like block the website, you will have to use a third-party app, like Google's Family Link.

Another option is to set up a  "Healthy" or "Dumb Android"  . This allows you to set up much more advanced controls and protections on an Android device.

Go Beyond Beyond Basic Blocking

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Closing Thoughts

Distractions are everywhere, especially online. Instagram can be such a distraction. This guide has gone over several techniques that allow you to remove the distractions from various devices.

These techniques are good for blocking specific websites. However, the best approach to blocking adult content online is to use a DNS Filtering Service. Tech Lockdown offers a DNS Filter, which can be set up on to filter an entire network, or specific devices.