Effective ways to Block TikTok

Learn techniques to block the TikTok App and website on your devices

by Tech Lockdown Team
Updated September 1, 2023

There are several techniques that can be used to block TikTok completely on different devices. This guide will go over these techniques.

TikTok has become a worldwide phenomenon. With a seemingly never-ending stream of content, it is very easy to become obsessed. However, as is the case with most social media platforms, not all of the content delivered TikTok is beneficial, and even the beneficial content can become a problem if it interferes with other important things. When this is the case, many times, its important to simply block the entire platform, and start fresh without it's influence.

This guide will discuss the best methods for completely blocking the TikTok platform. For a more effective system for blocking TikTok and preventing blocking bypass, we recommend combining multiple approaches.

Block TikTok with a DNS Filtering Service

A DNS Filter is one of the best ways to block content of any type for a device. It can be configured on an individual device or enforced an entire network. Tech Lockdown offers a very simple interface for adding sites and domains to block, in addition to categories of content to restrict.

Adding a website to the Blocklist prevents all configured devices from establishing a connection to the website. This can also work for mobile applications (like TikTok's App). 

In addition to blocking TikTok specifically, you can also block the entire Social Media Category, in addition to many other categories of content.

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Block TikTok on a Smartphone

TikTok is most commonly accessed on smartphones, so blocking them on a Smartphone is usually the first place to start.

Block TikTok on an Android

One approach is to use the built-in parental control features for your Android . If you have a particular website in mind that you want to block, then this can work. Family Link is an additional feature that can be enabled that can be very valuable to locking down a device.

First, you'll need to find it in Settings. If you need to, search for "parental controls" in the Settings app.

You can then set up App Timers to restrict the amount of time spent on the App to the lowest possible value.

A step up would be to set up Family Link, with your Android device being set up as a child device. Family Link allows you to block certain apps, limit the websites visited, prevent installing new apps, and much more.

The most effective option to lock down an Android phone is to set up a managed device . This requires more in-depth setup but provides the best protection. You can even set up Kiosk Mode, which reduces the available apps to only those needed (like phone, messages, maps, etc.), all while blocking all other apps from even being visible to the user.

Block TikTok on an iPhone

iPhone can be set up to block certain websites or restrict apps by using the built-in Screen Time settings. Screen Time is accessible through the Settings app.

We recommend setting up the device using the "This is my Child's Phone" option when setting it up for the first time. This allows you to set up a pin.

You can limit an app by setting it's time limit to the lowest possible value.

You can also block the website from being accessed in Safari. To do this from the Screen Time Settings page, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions, and then Content Restrictions.

There are a couple of options that you can choose. You can choose to Limit Adult Websites, and then add the website to the Never Allow Category:

Or you could choose the Allowed Websites Only, and manually decide which websites are available on the device.

An important note, it is strongly recommended that you set up a Screen Time pin, if at all possible, with another Apple ID. This will prevent you from resetting your pin.

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Block TikTok on a Computer

While not as common, TikTok is still available on a computer, and may need to be blocked. There are different techniques that can be used to prevent this at the device level: the Host File method, and a Blocking Application.

Block TikTok using the Host File

The Host File is a special file on a computer that can be used to change how a computer interacts with the internet. In the case of TikTok, we can prevent a computer from allowing a connection to the site.

Modify your Host File by adding these entries: tiktok.com tiktokv.com tiktokcdn.com

These entries will prevent the TikTok.com main site and its Content Delivery Network .

Block TikTok using a Blocking Application

A Blocking Application can be used to block either a website or an application. An example of a simple Blocking Application is Cold Turkey , which allows you to specify certain websites that will be block on a computer. While this is an option for blocking specific websites, it is not a complete solution for blocking explicit content online .

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Closing Thoughts

There are various effective methods available for blocking TikTok. From adjusting parental controls to using third-party apps to editing the host files on computer, individuals and families can choose the approach that best suits their needs. By implementing these measures, users can better manage screen time and ensure a balanced digital experience.

While these methods are effective at blocking websites manually on each device, the most comprehensive solution a DNS Filtering Service. Tech Lockdown offers a DNS Filtering Solution that can be used to Lockdown an entire home network, and as a result, all devices connected to that network.