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How to connect Cloudflare with Tech Lockdown to get started with a Content Policy.

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Updated May 23, 2024

In order to get the most out of your membership, you'll need to connect a Cloudflare account to Tech Lockdown.

Note about this tutorial
The Cloudflare Connect wizard that we provide through your Tech Lockdown dashboard will walk you through this entire process in more detail. This tutorial can help you with supplementary information.

In general, here are the steps you will follow in the Cloudflare Connect wizard in your Tech Lockdown account dashboard:

Step 1: Sign Up for a Cloudflare Account

Step 2: Get you Cloudflare Global API Key

Step 3: Generate Token

Multiple Accounts
In some rare cases, customers have a Cloudflare account that is connected to multiple Cloudflare accounts. In order to generate the token, you'll have to select the Cloudflare account that you want to associate with Tech Lockdown

Step 4: Enable Zero Trust

Step 5: Test Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

How does linking a Cloudflare Account work?

Cloudflare is a separate service from Tech Lockdown. By providing us with an API Token, Tech Lockdown is able to manage your Cloudflare account to provide more powerful functionality and a simpler user experience.

API Key / API Token: A special key, similar to a password, that grants limited access to an account. In our case, we use it to manage the Zero Trust feature in your Cloudflare account.

How does Tech Lockdown safeguard my API Key?

We initially use your Global API key so that we can generate a limited API token. Here is how we protect the key:

  1. We do not save your Global API key and have no way to access it after you close your browser.
  2. The API token we generate only grants us access to a few features within Cloudflare.
  3. We store an encrypted version of this API token in our database.

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